ASSA Meetings Discussant (x2), Jonköping University


7th BehNET workshop, Innsbruck;

University College Dublin; CESifo Energy and Climate, Munich, ESA Online Conference, Montpellier Workshop on Climate and Environment, BIG Online Seminar, Linköping University, Copenhagen University


Academy of Behavioral Economics, Zurich; Workshop on Behavioral Public Policy, Copenhagen; Bristol Behavioral Public Policy Workshop; Workshop on Interventions, Motivation and Behavior, Lund, London School of Economics
(invited keynote), Advances in Field Experiments 2019, Healthy Aging Workshop, Copenhagen


University of Vienna; University of Copenhagen; Copenhagen Business School; University of Essex; McMaster University; IFN Stockholm; Gothenburg University, Motivation and Incentives, Stavanger; University of Copenhagen II; WCERE 2018, Gothenburg, 13th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference, Advances with Field Experiments 2018



University of Gothenburg; Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin; THEEM, Kreuzlingen; Workshop on Incentives and Behavior Change, Sicily; 3rd ECBE Conference, Pittsburgh; ESA World Meeting, San Diego; 12th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference, Gothenburg; Advances in Field Experiments 2017, Chicago; CNEE Meeting, Lund; University of Birmingham; University of Warwick; SJDM Meeting, Vancouver; Stockholm School of Economics



University of Sydney; Victoria University of Wellington, NZ; Applied Econometrics Workshop in Wellington, NZ; Auckland University of Technology, NZ; First Evidence-Based Policy Conference in Stockholm; 11th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference in Oslo; ESA, Bergen; SITE Psychology and Economics, Stanford; 2nd ECBE Conference, Bonn; CNEE Meeting, Lund; Humboldt University, Berlin; University of Hamburg; University of Edinburgh; Gothenburg Behavioral Workshop



ESA Women Mentoring Workshop, Berlin; LPEX Workshop, London; 1st ECBE Conference, Chicago; CNEE Workshop, Copenhagen; Institute for Food and Research Economics, Copenhagen; General Economics Workshop, Gothenburg



Conference of the German Economists Abroad, Kiel; CNEE Workshop, Copenhagen; European University Institute; 9th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference in Aarhus; EEA-ESEM

Meeting, Toulouse; WinE Retreat, Toulouse; CNEE Workshop on Deception, Copenhagen; Workshop on Incentives and Behavior Change, Amsterdam; Aarhus University; PhD Workshop at NHH, Bergen



Aarhus University; Danish Graduate Program in Economics Conference, Denmark; 8th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference in Stockholm; Opening Reception Cognition and Behavior Lab, Aarhus; Graduate Seminar, University of Chicago; Brown Bag Seminar, UCSD; Spring School in Behavioral Economic, UCSD



Danish Graduate Program in Economics Conference, Denmark; 7th Nordic Behavioral and Experimental Conference, Bergen; Norway, ESA Conference, Cologne; Student Workshop, Nuffield College, Oxford; Aarhus University –WISE, Xiamen University Workshop in Economics; Deception, Incentives and Behavior Conference, UCSD; RGS Doctoral Conference in Duisburg, Germany


EAERE FEEM VIU 2016 Summer School (VIU Venice)

INET Summer School in Social Economics (Cambridge University)

Perspectives from Behavioral and Experimental Economics on Child Development and Education with Martin Kocher and Daniel Schunk (Aarhus University)

Behavioral Economics with David Laibson 2013 (NHH Bergen)

Spring School in Behavioral Economics at Rady School of Management 2013 (UCSD)

Experimental Economics with James Andreoni (UCSD)

Experimental Economics with John List 2012 (NHH Bergen)

Mathematical Analysis (Aarhus University)

Topics in Behavioral Economic Theory and Applications (Cologne Graduate School)

Microeconometrics (Aarhus University)

Experimental Economics (CESS, Nuffield College, Oxford)

Behavioral Economics with Dan Houser and Jordi Brandts (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz)

Behavioral Economics with Jean-Robert Tyran (Copenhagen University)

Research Visits

December 2016 - Monash University


October 2016 - December 2016 University of Sydney (visiting Robert Slonim)

April 2016 Department of Economics, University of Edinburgh (Michèle Belot)

June/July 2015 Department of Economics at the University of Chicago (visiting John List)

May 2013 - June 2013 The Becker and Friedman Institute at University of Chicago (visiting John List)

January 2013 - April 2013 Rady School of Management, UCSD (visiting Uri Gneezy)

July 2012 Center of Advanced Hinsight, Duke University (visiting Dan Ariely)

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